Why use CAD (Computer Aided Design)

The use of CAD (Computer Aided Design) started in the early 80's and quickly reduced the need for entire departments of designers and drafters. With the advances of computer technology CAD became more sophisticated. Moving from 2D to 3D and adding additional features and applications for example FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). Today almost all products are designed in CAD.


Customer Quotes

"Over the past two years I worked with at least a half a dozen CAD contractors in my current business. Robert is by far the most productive and has the highest level of competency. Two previous designers actually gave up on a challenging project! They said that they just cannot draw the part. This is when I found Design Werk on the internet. Robert right away told me the ways the part can be designed and he designed it. I am extremely impressed with his abilities!"