About Design Werk:

Design Werk is a CAD Design and drafting service company located in Winchester, CA. SolidWorks is our tool of choice and we are a certified SolidWorks Professional CSWP. With over 20 years experience and roots in manufacturing, design for manufacturing (DFM) comes naturally.

Who we work for:

Our Clients include Inventors, Startup Businesses , Sheet Metal Vendors, Trade Show Exhibitors, Stamping Shops, Aerospace Suppliers, Medical Suppliers, Thermal Forming Suppliers, Machine Shops, Bicycle Manufacturers, Defense Contractors, Web Developers, and Motor Sport Manufacturer.

What we believe:

At Design Werk we believe that CAD design can save you money!
The design makes the product, the best marketing strategy will not help you if your design is not functional, or manufacturable.
We believe a successful product starts with a thorough design phase. A strong background in manufacturing enables us to design products that can be produced cost-effectively.
Do you want to save money by outsourcing and get the parts you want?
Drawings made by Design Werk will capture the design intent and provide you with the opportunity to outsource and lower the cost of the manufacturing process, without compromising quality.
Does your workload require an additional designer? Having a full time designer on your payroll can be expensive. Design Werk can help you to extend the capacity and capability of your design department. It's an on demand designer/ drafter.
Would you like to start marketing your invention before it's built? Design Werk can provide photo realistic renderings of your digital prototype, allowing you to market your product before it exists.
At Design Werk we also believe that you should never try to save money on your tools. The old saying that you get what you pay for holds true. Our Design software and Computer Equipment is up to date and top notch, thus enabling us to work efficiently. These are just a few examples of how design Werk can save you money.
Don't waste your money, contact us today!

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Customer Quotes

"The overall package is outstanding. We can always rely on Robert to be there when we need them."

"Upon our first meeting I immediately had confidence in your work ethic and competence. I knew the overall experience was going to be excellent and enjoyable. If there was one wonderful surprise, it was how amazing the 3D drawing of the shelving turned out. Your creativity made a plain subject look exciting! I hope to be a part of your business growth by sending many referrals your way."