Sheet Metal CAD Design Service

Design Werk is a Certified SolidWorks Professional Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist.
This combined with an extensive fabrication experience allows us to provide sheet metal designs that are well suitable for manufacturing.
In some cases Design Werk has provided designs for Prototype tooling to process samples before the customer commits to a Progressive Stamping Tool.
Sheet metal fabricators outsource their Design tasks to Design Werk and or extends our service to their clients.
In order to successfully fabricate, proper documentation is required a fact that Design Werk understands well.

CSWP Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal part formed Sheet Metal part flat


Design Werk Lofted Sheet Metal Duct



Customer Quotes

"Over the past two years I worked with at least a half a dozen CAD contractors in my current business. Robert is by far the most productive and has the highest level of competency. Two previous designers actually gave up on a challenging project! They said that they just cannot draw the part. This is when I found DesignWerk on the internet. Robert right away told me the ways the part can be designed and he designed it. I am extremely impressed with his abilities!"