CAD Drafting Service

Manufacturing drawings are a form of technical communication that capture your requirements and transfer them to the fabricator. At Design Werk we understand that this should be a one way conversation. In other words once the drawing is submitted to the fabricator the specifications are clearly communicated and the fabricator does not have any questions and no features are open for interpretations. Design Werk is your Drafting service if you are looking for the following:

• Fully detailed production drawings.

• Drawings that allow you to outsource your components without compromising the quality.

• Drawings that communicate the design intent via GD&T. Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances.

• Drawings that are created from a 3D Model, so that the CAD model can be used to
communicate complex shapes.

• Drawings that meet ASME Y14.5M-1994 standards.

• Drawings that provide a clear and fully defined datum structure.

• Drawings that display realistic tolerances that can easily be checked by the fabricator, machinist.

• Assembly drawings with detailed Bill of Materials(BOM). Including Revision, Sequential Part number, Description, Material, Vendor Manufacturer information, Vendor Part number. If this is what you are looking for e-mail us today. Click here to contact us.

CSWP Drawing

Customer Quotes

"I really enjoyed working with Design Werk over the last 6 month's on my project. What I appreciate most is Roberts ability to design and understand what is required in a complete drawing. A drawing is not just ink on paper but should convey accuracy to anybody involved, from estimating to engineering to machine operator. I believe this comes from the years he spent as a tool and die maker. "