Inventors guide short list

You have a great Idea and would like to bring it to the market. The homework is done there is no other Idea like it. Don't just rely on a web search although it's a start. Hire a professional patent research service for example Prior Art Patent Search
Now you have to make a decision are you going to patent your idea or just try to get it to market first and then patent it, or go without a patent. There are pros and cons to every approach. Ask your self how you like to generate income from your idea. Are you looking to sell the idea or a product? How will you market the product or idea? If you try to sell the idea I highly recommend a patent. One step you should always take regardless your approach is to execute a NDA (non disclosure agreement) with anybody you work with. To provide a quick overview of the process see below (example of product to market).

  1. Have a great unique idea
  2. Conduct research to make sure its not taken
  3. Hire a professional research service, remember the NDA (my recommendation)
  4. if your idea needs to be developed see it here remember the NDA (my recommendation)
  5. Start the patent application if desired (my recommendation)
  6. Create a virtual prototype see it here (my recommendation)
  7. Create a physical prototype (my recommendation)
  8. Test your design make changes if needed (my recommendation)
  9. Create documentation drawings models for production see it here (my recommendation)
  10. Source a vendor to manufacture the product (we can assist you with this).
  11. Market your product
  12. Generate income the reason you started right?

This list is by no means the only way to go about this but should help you to get started. Please research every step carefully and make changes as needed to adjust to your needs.



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