Virtual Prototype for Inventions

A rendered 3D model (Virtual Prototype) is the most efficient way to communicate a Design prior to building it.
Look around, our world is 3Dimensional your CAD data should be too. Creating a Virtual Prototype of your invention is a great way to do market your ideas or conduct a market analysis.
3D Models let you see the parts before you commit to fabricating them. Creating a virtual prototype means less physical prototypes.
Your 3D model provides the necessary data to order a rapid prototype (physical prototype made from various plastics).
A Virtual Prototype is a great marketing tool, showcase your design, invention. Shown below are some images of 3D models. See 3D Models

Design Werk Mug


Candle Holder by Design Werk

Brush Guard


Customer Quotes

"Your creativity made a plain subject look exciting! I hope to be a part of your business growth by sending many referrals your way."